La Virgencita


Welcome to LA VIRGENCITA, MADONNAS OF MEXICO’S webpage for children. “Virgencita” means “The Little Virgin” and is the name children in Mexico call Our Lady. One of these children is Emmy, a spunky little Mexican schoolgirl who lives in Mexico City. She will be the “star” of the webpage— after the Virgencita, of course!

Every so often the webpage will bring a whole array of fun thing-to-do: stories, puppets, Bible crafts, learning games, paper dolls, and lots more!

Here in Canada and the United States we are used to seeing images of Mary in traditional blue and white flowing garments. Not necessarily so in Mexico! In Mexico, Our Lady’s robes—in vibrant jewel-tones—are often arrayed in a distinctive triangular shape, as depicted in the Virgencita picture on this webpage.

Mary Hansen, a former teacher, has written two books about how to make learning fun for children: JOYFUL LEARNING and A WHALE IN A PAIL. The Calgary Herald newspap
Laila3er described them as an “excellent collection of learning toys and games.” The Toronto Star reported, “These games help children love learning.” Although these books are now out of print, the same principles will apply to the VIRGENCITA webpage: learning about the faith can be fun for children! Mary Hansen has an M.Div. degree and was the director of the RCIA program in her parish for seven years.

But now, back to Emmy! Emmy isn’t her real name, by the way. Her real name is Emilia. But no one ever calls her that. Ever since she can remember, everybody has always called her Emmy. And that’s just fine with her. She likes being called Emmy. A lot.

Emmy has several older brothers and sisters but she’s the only one who still lives at home. And cousins? She has cousins by the dozens! One of them is Laila who lives close by. In fact, Laila is probably Emmy’s very favourite cousin. And the best thing of all—they are almost next-door neighbours. You will be seeing a lot of Laila in the next few episodes. Laila is a bit younger than Emmy and she comes over to Emmy’s house nearly every day to play. She especially enjoys playing with Emmy’s cat, Beverly.

“BEVERLY? A cat named Beverly? Isn’t that a rather odd name for a cat?” you might say. “Not at all,” declares Emmy. “It’s a perfectly logical name for a cat!” You might wonder how a cat ever ended up with a name like Beverly! Well, that’s a very long story and one that Emmy will tell us at a later time. Stay tuned!

Laila thinks that Beverly is just about the most beautiful cat in the whole wide world, not to mention the smartest. To be perfectly honest, Emmy agrees with the “beautiful” part— she just isn’t so sure about the “smartest” part! At least some of the time anyway.

More than anything, Emmy loves going on trips. Lucky for her, her father travels on his job and Emmy and her mom often accompany him. They usually take Laila with them too. Their favourite destinations? The many famous shrines in Mexico. “They are way cool!” says Emmy. You can tell that Emmy likes to chat with her teenage cousins! She has visited so many shrines that she knows more than most tour-guides! And that is exactly what Emmy will be—our own pint-sized travel guide. Click on EMMY’S TRAVELS.

One more thing about Emmy: She’s a bit of a fashionista —she likes to design her own clothes (with her mom’s help, of course) and her mother often sews them for her. Do you like paper dolls? Then, you’ve come to the right place! For each new adventure— Emmy will have more outfits for you to cut out and play with. Don’t worry—there will be activities for boys too!

Come and join us: The fun is about to begin!cattransparent