Men Saints

ST. DAMIEN: finger puppet from a glove

Make a finger puppet of St. Damien from a beige glove! The only sewing required is to gather the neckline. That’s it! Children will love learning a new craft—how to make a felt hat. It is super simple to make and lots of fun.


Cut a piece of craft wire about 4″(10cm) and leave an end of approx. 2″(5cm). Wind the wire two times around a pencil to form the lenses. Bend the ends to the side of the head and glue down.


Cut out a circle approx. 3″(7.5cm) and cut out a small hole in the centre—just enough to fit around the puppet’s neck. Cut  down the centre so that the cape can be placed on the figure as shown in the photo.



NOTE: As you can see in Father Damien’s case you do not need to make arms!








FRANCISCAN FRIAR: Finger puppet from a glove

Make a Franciscan friar FINGER PUPPET from a tan glove! It is so very easy to make—and almost no-sew. Only the robe has to be gathered by hand at the neck. The rest is all glued. Follow the photo directions for making this finger puppet.


His collar is made from a 2″(5cm) circle, cut in half. You will only need the one half of the circle. Cut a small indentation for the neck at the middle of the circle half. Fit around the friar’s neck and glue in place. All hems can be glued. It is best to use felt or fleece because no hems are needed at all. His tonsure is made from a strip of yarn. And the arms are bendable! Find out how below!

Although the directions below do mention sewing you can glue the entire figure (except for the neck which must be sewn with a gathering stitch).


During World War ll, many pilots reported that they had seen a “flying monk”in the skies over San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy. They found that their planes were diverted and that they were unable to drop their bombs over the area! When they later went to visit St. Padre Pio (1887-1968) in this same area, they recognized him as the friar they had seen in the sky!


To create this amazing scene, copy the patterns below to make the cloud and the airplane. To make the friar, copy the friar’s robe onto brown paper and glue it to an ice cream stick. Colour in the facial features with a felt pen. Complete the scene as shown in the photograph.


St. Bernardine of Siena (1380-1444) was a Franciscan priest and missionary who travelled all over Italy preaching about the faith. He is known as “the Apostle of Italy.” He was such a wonderful preacher that he had to preach in the marketplace—no church could hold all the crowds who came to hear him! At times he even had to perch in a tree to make himself seen and heard!

St. Bernardine is made from a wooden ice cream spoon. His brown habit is glued on. The tree trunk is made from a toilet paper roll.

To make the tree use the pattern below for the green foliage. You can add apples if you want! The trunk is made from a toilet paper roll. Cut one layer of green paper to make the foliage. Glue it to the tree trunk as shown in the photo.

To make the saint, use the pattern below to make the friar’s brown outfit. Cut out and glue to an ice cream spoon to form the body. Add felt pen facial features. Cut a slit in the tree and insert the figure. Use the photo as a guide.

1. FRANCISCAN FRIARS: (DIORAMA:made from ice cream spoons)

Make a pair of friars from two ice cream spoons! A quick and easy craft to  celebrate our Franciscan heritage. A foam meat tray forms the base for a diorama to display your Franciscan friars.


Make a pair of Franciscan friars from wooden ice cream spoons. Copy out the pattern below for the friar’s robe. Trace twice onto cardstock or paper so that you have a back and a front. Glue the ice cream spoon between the two “robes.” Glue the robes to the spoon, sandwich style, so that the spoon is the “filling”. To insert the figures onto a diorama, tape a toothpick to the back of each friar, having the end protruding so that the toothpick can be stuck into the meat tray, enabling the friars to stand up.

To make the diorama, paint a meat tray green and glue on “grass.” Cut up small strips of green paper and glue on the tray.

ANTHONY, ST. OF PADUA: Preaching to the fish

Celebrate the miracle of St. Anthony’s preaching to the fish with this craft. The fish are crackers and the sea is a paper plate. St. Anthony is made from a wooden ice cream spoon. His Franciscan robe is glued on.



Paint the paper plate as shown in the photograph. Real sand can be glued on to the “beach.” Fish crackers are glued to the plate. Use the pattern below for the Franciscan robe, cut out and colour. Glue to the ice cream spoon, add facial features, and his tonsure with felt pen. To make the figure stand you can use a cardboard stand as shown in the photo below from a piece of cardboard cut to fit the back of the figure.