1. FRANCISCAN FRIARS: (DIORAMA:made from ice cream spoons)

Make a pair of friars from two ice cream spoons! A quick and easy craft to  celebrate our Franciscan heritage. A foam meat tray forms the base for a diorama to display your Franciscan friars.


Make a pair of Franciscan friars from wooden ice cream spoons. Copy out the pattern below for the friar’s robe. Trace twice onto cardstock or paper so that you have a back and a front. Glue the ice cream spoon between the two “robes.” Glue the robes to the spoon, sandwich style, so that the spoon is the “filling”. To insert the figures onto a diorama, tape a toothpick to the back of each friar, having the end protruding so that the toothpick can be stuck into the meat tray, enabling the friars to stand up.

To make the diorama, paint a meat tray green and glue on “grass.” Cut up small strips of green paper and glue on the tray.