Make a fun and easy finger puppet for Joseph! The head is made from the fingertip of a beige glove. The only sewing required is to gather the neckline. All the rest can be glued together. Just follow the photo instructions. Glue on yarn to make Joseph’s hair. Note that the sleeves have a pipecleaner glued on to the middle so that the arms can be bendable! The sleeves are cut in one piece and glued to the centre back of the puppet as can be seen in the photo.


A fun and easy craft to make: The sheep’s curly wool is made from dried macaroni!! This is a cute paper plate craft plaque to hang on a child’s wall! Do you like the mini-popsicle stick wooden fence? Don’t you think it adds a rural touch? This sheep craft lends itself to so many Bible crafts!


The sheep are made from the pattern below. Dried macaroni is glued on and the sheep are painted white. The black head is glued to the body. The sheep’s legs are made from painted drinking straws. The fence is made from craft sticks! All are glued to a paper plate to make a beautiful scripture display. 



NOAH TWO: craft stick

A super-quick and fun Noah craft to make!

Make Noah from a craft stick! Glue on his arms to the back of the stick. Make a white dove if you wish. His headpiece is a small scrap of striped fabric. Glue on as shown in the photograph.


WOMAN AT THE WELL: finger puppet from a glove

This is a very cute and fun finger puppet to make. The head is made from a finger-tip of a glove. The entire puppet can be glued together except for the robe neckline which is hand-gathered with a double thread. The sleeves are in one piece and are glued to the back of the robe. The headpiece is felt 7″(18cm)x 2″(5cm). Glue to the head according to the photograph. A pipecleaner glued to the sleeves make the arms bendable! Make the felt “well” according to the photograph. Glue on yarn hair to the puppet’s head.


Make a frog puppet from a walnut shell and a popsicle stick!

Make a frog puppet from a walnut shell half! Paint the shell green and add a red yarn mouth. A strip of red felt or paper would work just as well. Paint two circles green and add googly eyes. Glue to the back of the walnut as shown in the photograph. Glue a popsicle stick to the back. To make it easier to glue the stick to the back you can stuff the walnut shell with polyester batting and glue on a piece of felt backing the same size as the walnut shell.

PSALM 34:8 TASTE AND SEE paper plate craft

Have children cut out food pictures from magazines illustrating some of their favourite foods. They glue these to a paper plate. It is fun to add plastic cutlery by cutting slots in the plate as shown in the photograph.

“Taste and see that the Lord is good.” Psalm 34:8

JOSEPH AND HIS NEW COAT: Stencil pattern

Have fun with a stack of old magazines and create a new coat for Joseph! A stencil placed over the pictures provides a wonderful new coat for Joseph. Place the stencil over the second page (which is covered with glued-on magazine cutouts), glue in place and…

Voila! Now you have a NEW COAT FOR JOSEPH!


NOAH’S ARK: made with a paper plate and a bowl!

A simple craft made from a paper plate and a paper bowl! The ark is made from a cut-off paper bowl. This would be a cute plaque to hang on a wall! The ark moves in the waves–by means of a paper fastener in the centre.

This craft is made from a paper plate and soup bowl!


Cut off the top part of the paper bowl as shown in the photo. Paint it brown and paint the paper plate blue. Adhere a paper fastener to the bowl so that the “ark” can move in the “water.”

Trace the patterns from below to finish the ark, the giraffe and the elephant. Glue them on to the ark.


For this craft you need a paper plate, 2 clothespins and 4 mini-clothespins.

The cow is made with clothespin legs! This craft shows the Providence of God—that even the cattle are well taken care of! Psalm 104. Children can make this adorable wall plaque to hang on their wall. Cattle are featured in many Bible stories!!

Make the cow from the pattern below by painting the cow and “legs” as shown in the photograph. The legs clip on to the cow. The fence is made from mini-crafts sticks, glued together. Glue the cow to a paper plate and it makes a dandy wall plaque. A piece of kitchen sponge glued to the back of the cow gives a 3-D look to the picture. It makes the cow stand out! You can add a ribbon if you like and some “shredded” paper to serve as grass.

This will be a prized keepsake to hang on your child’s bedroom wall!



The girl’s face is made from a plastic spoon and her bright red toque is from the fingertip of a glove. The grassy knoll is a section of a pool noodle which is painted green. The pool noodle serves as a great stand for the wall.

The wall is made from popsicle sticks. THIS IS A VERY QUICK AND EASY CRAFT TO MAKE! A great craft to always remember “WITH GOD’S HELP I CAN EVEN SCALE A WALL!”

The back of the scene looks like this!

  1. Paint the “face” of the spoon. Make two braids and glue to the side of the head. Add googly eyes and add a toque made from a cut-off fingertip from a glove.
  2. The wall is made from popsicle sticks: Glue the sticks horizontally to two vertical sticks as shown in the photo. Paint the wall.
  3. Paint a section of the pool noodle green.
  4. Insert the spoon into the pool noodle as shown in the photo. Have the head protrude above the wall. Glue on hands from the back, having them extend over the wall at the front.
  5. Insert the wall into the pool noodle.