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This finger puppet is very easy and quick to make! Just follow the photo directions. His head is made from the finger-tip of a glove and a cardboard tube, the size of the child’s finger, forms the body of the puppet. Best of all—all of it can be glued except for the neckline which is gathered together with a running stitch. I used unspun wool for this puppet’s beard although yarn could be used as well.

A very fun and quick finger puppet to make! Of Aaron—MOSES’ BROTHER! THE ENTIRE PUPPET CAN BE GLUED except for the neckline which must be hand-gathered with a double thread. The sleeves are in one piece and are glued on to the back of the robe. The finger-tip of a beige glove forms the head. Follow the easy photo directions below. The headpiece is made from a piece of felt 7″ (18cm) x 2″ (5 cm.). Glue to the head as shown in the photo. Tie a pipe cleaner around the crown of the head. Make a puppet play with Moses and his brother Aaron!