ANGEL PUPPET (no-sew, styrofoam ball head)

by | Oct 28, 2022 | Angels, Uncategorized

Make a no-sew, very quick- to- make angel puppet! Her head is made from a styrofoam ball and her body is made from a popsicle stick. The pleats on her white robe are made with a stapler. The robe is glued on to the “neck” of the body and the sides of the robe are glued together at the back. A small piece of tan-coloured panti-hose, stretched over the ball (and tied at the “neck”), forms her face. Facial features are made with a felt pen. Her wings are made from crepe paper which is formed into two bows. Follow the photo directions to make this adorable puppet. OMIT THE SLEEVE DIRECTIONS FOR THIS PUPPET! Add yarn hair to the angel puppet.

FOLLOW THE PHOTO DIRECTIONS TO MAKE THE PUPPET: (NOTE: panti-hose is used to cover the ball because styrofoam is hard to paint!) For this puppet you will not need to make the sleeves of the robe!