by | Jul 10, 2020 | Elijah

The ravens wanted to make sure that Elijah never went hungry!  They were always competing to see who could bring Elijah the most food! You can compete too among your friends to see who can bring Elijah the most food! Join the two ravens here, MAVEN AND RAVEN, in the fun! This is a toss game for small groups to play.


Place the game on the floor or slanted against a wall. For photographic purposes the game was placed flat against a wall. In order for the pompons to stay in the “holes” the game should be leaning against the wall at an angle.

TO MAKE THE GAME: You will need a styrofoam meat tray and fruit-cup plastic containers. These are disposable (from snack-size fruit cups).

  1. Cut holes in the meat tray so that the cups can be placed about half-way inside the holes.
  2. Place a number in each cup. You can paint the tray and decorate it; make RAVEN AND MAVEN from two circles as shown in the photograph.


The first child tosses a pompon (or a small wad of paper) into the cup. Three tries are allowed. The child adds up his scores. Then the next child plays and so on. After several turns the child with the highest score shouts out RAVEN AND MAVEN! and is the one who brings Elijah the most food!