by | Feb 28, 2022


This would be your main page. I will update it with the info you will send, as you mentioned in your email : (On the main page all I want is the list of yellow button categories which you’ve already done as well as a new text explaining about the website, a tiny bit about myself and some photos. Which I will send you this weekend along with a scan to show you how I would like the text, photos etc. arranged on the page.).

On the left hand side, you will see a list of categories (yellow button). Those are the categories you told me you needed.

The first button at the top (HOME) would bring the user to the page you are reading right now.

The last button (UNCATEGORIZED) is for all the blogs that have not been categorized yet. This is for you to do (I will show you how to do that). This button will disappear once all blogs have been categorized.