by | Sep 30, 2017 | Bible Finger Puppets, Moses


OF COURSE MOSES HAD TWO COMMANDMENT TABLETS, but for photographic purposes, we used only one commandment! (It looked better that way!) You can glue the felt commandment to the robe if you wish.

The puppet’s head is made from the fingertip of a glove which is stuffed with polyester stuffing and inserted into a cardboard tube, sized to fit the child’s finger. The entire puppet can be glued except for the gathering of the neckline which must be sewn. Follow the photo instructions to make the puppet. Moses’ beard can be made from yarn. I used unspun wool for this puppet which is available on the Internet.

TO MAKE THE FELT MOTIF: Cut 2 layers of felt from the pattern. Glue the edges together after inserting a small amount of polyester stuffing. Add details from small felt pieces or felt pen.

TO MAKE THE HEAD-PIECE: Cut felt or fleece 7″(18cm) x 2″(5cm). Arrange the shawl on the puppet’s head according to the photo. Secure with a pipecleaner around the crown of the head.

TO MAKE THE ROBE: Cut out fabric 5.5″(14cm) x 3″(7.5cm) for the SLEEVE and 8″(20cm) x 4.5″(11cm) for the ROBE. All the hems can be glued or sewn, whichever you wish. As you can see from the photo there is only one sleeve and it is glued or sewn to the middle of the back of the robe. Generous hems are allowed for the robe. Fold over the neckline hem (no sewing or gluing) before gathering by hand-stitching.