by | Jul 24, 2016 | Animals, Moses

Here is a glove puppet to tell Bible stories— and how often is the serpent found in these stories! The fun of this puppet is that the snake can hide or peep out! You need two mismatched old gloves to make this puppet, preferably one in green. If you don’t have a green one you can paint one—you only need one finger from the glove to make the snake puppet. You can also use the fingertip from a rubber glove. The “grassy mound” is made from an egg carton cup.

To form the puppet:
1. Cut off a fingertip from the green glove. Bend the tip down a bit and glue to form the face.  Add googly eyes and a red felt forked tongue.
2. Place the blue glove on your hand. Place the green “snake figure” over one finger of the glove. Glue the snake in place on the glove.
To make the grassy mound:
1. Cut out a cup from the egg carton. Cut a hole in the bottom just big enough to insert a gloved finger. The fit should be snug.
2. Paint the egg cup green. Glue on green felt (or paper) blades of grass around the sides of the egg cup as shown in the photograph.
3. Place the “grassy” egg cup over the snake figure. Now the snake can pop up its head or hide in the grass!