MRS. NOAH: ( spoon puppet in her red dress)

by | Sep 28, 2017 | Noah's Ark, Women of the Old Testament

The Mrs. Noah puppet is made from a plastic spoon. Don’t you like her dress with the SMART PLEAT IN THE FRONT? It gives a nice, tailored look. The skirt is glued to the bodice. She is one happy lady to have come through the flood in one piece! And don’t forget to make Florence, Mrs. Noah’s beloved cat!

Mrs. Noah is made from a plastic spoon!

  1. Make her two-piece dress from the pattern below:
  2. Cut out the patterns. Make a vertical pleat down the centre of the skirt part.
  3. Make small hands and glue to the back of the sleeves.
  4. Glue the skirt to the bodice.
  5. Paint the “face” of the spoon. Paint on the hair. Add a paper “bun” to complete the hair-do.
  6. Glue the dress to the face as shown in the photograph.