by | Jul 2, 2017 | Animals, Noah's Ark

A fun and easy-to-make game!



1. Print out the giraffe pattern, colour and cut out. Print out the “grassy hill.” Colour and cut out. Strands of brown yarn are glued to the back of the giraffe to form the mane. You can use strips of paper as well. Glue on a googly eye.
2. Strengthen the giraffe’s neck by taping popsicle sticks to the back of the neck.
3. Glue the giraffe to the hill. Then glue a small box (filled with pebbles) to the back of the hill and giraffe to stabilize the structure. You can paint the box green if you wish. I found that the box containing tiny jars of food colouring is an ideal size for this purpose.
4. Make the rings by cutting out inner circles from plastic yoghurt or cottage cheese containers.
5. The teacher makes a list of words on small strips of paper: some have relevance to the Noah story (for example: rainbow, dove, rain etc.). About a third of the words do NOT have relevance to the Noah story (for example, Moses, Egypt, commandments etc.). About 20 to 30 words is a good number, depending, of course, on the ages of the children.
1. The words are placed face down on a table (or on the floor). The first child picks a word. If it is relevant to the Noah story, he/she gets to toss the ring around the giraffe’s neck after saying the word. Children get another try if they miss the first toss. If the word is not relevant to the Noah story, the child misses his/her turn. Each correct toss earns a point. Once a word is said, it is put aside to be used in the next round.
2. Points are tallied. At the end of the game the child with the most points is the winner.