NOAH’S ARK: MRS. NOAH SPOON DOLL PUPPET (repeat of red dress)

by | Jul 2, 2017 | Noah's Ark

Mrs. Noah is made from a plastic spoon. Her pleated, tailored dress is glued onto the spoon. Don’t you love her cat, Clarence?


1. Paint the “head” of the spoon. Paint hair and glue on a “bun” to the back of the head as shown in the photo. Add mouth and eyes.
2. To make the dress, print and cut out the two pattern pieces. FIRST, make a pleat in the skirt as indicated by the two black lines in the pattern. Glue down the pleat at the top of the skirt. AFTER the pleat is made glue the skirt to the bodice as shown in the photo.
3. To make the cat, print and cut out the cat pattern. Colour and add googly eyes. TO MAKE A STAND FOR THE CAT: Cut out a tab from cardboard 1″(2.5cm) x 1.75″(4.5cm). Mark a line 1″(2.5cm) down from the top. Make a fold on this line, bend it back and glue the longer part of the tab to the back of the cat. The shorter part stands on the table, enabling the cat to stand up.