by | Jul 9, 2020 | Queen Esther

Make a Queen Esther puppet from a craft-stick and learn how to make a frilly bustle!

Copy the pattern to make the arms and glue to the back of the stick. To make the hair copy the pattern(below) for the hair and cut a slit at the forehead to insert the hair onto the head. Glue at the back. Note that this puppet has a wavy hairline at the top. You can make her hair straight across or wavy.


  1. Cut a 2″(5cm) wide tissue paper strip about 10″ (25cm) long. It will be several layers thick (use as is from the package).
  2. With scissors make a fringe all along one edge (but do not cut all the way to the bottom).
  3.  Fold this strip over and over until you are left with a very narrow strip about .75″(2cm) wide. Make another strip the same.
  4. Glue the first strip along the unfringed edge to the lower edge of the craft-stick as is shown in the photograph.
  5. Glue the second strip a bit alongside (but most of it topping) the other strip.
  6. NOW COMES THE FUN PART! Fluff up the fringe with your fingers until you get a very puffy effect similar to that in the photograph.