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A fun

game for small groups to see who can put the most food into the raven’s haven! The haven is his nest where he stores all kinds of bread and meat to bring to Elijah.



First decorate the can as shown in the photograph. The raven is made from a circle. Add googly eyes, a beak and a yellow feather!

Then, cut out small squares or circles (about 30 or so) of cardboard. On 1/3 of the squares write the name of a meat, (one word per square), on another 1/3 write the name of a bread and on the last 1/3 write the name of a non-food item, such as hippo, truck, elephant, moon etc.

ONE ONE SQUARE WRITE THE WORD Raven’s Haven. All the squares are then placed in the can.

Some suggestions for meat: sausage, bacon, pepperoni, veal, hamburgers, hot dogs, ham, turkey, chicken, pork etc.

Some suggestions for bread: croissant, bagel, baguette, cinnamon bread, raisin bread, rye bread, brown bread, dinner rolls etc.


  1. The first child shakes up the can and pours the squares onto a table in front of his place. ONLY the squares that land face up (with the word showing) count. The others are discarded into the “dump.”
  2. The child receives ONE POINT for each word which is either a bread or a meat. For each NON-meat or bread word the child DEDUCTS one point from his total score.
  3. The child who gets the word RAVEN’S HAVEN gets a bonus 3 points. The child adds up his total score. Then all the squares are placed back in the can.
  4. Now it is the next child’s turn: She shakes up the can and proceeds as the first child. And so on.
  5. Several rounds can be played.
  6. The object of the game is to see who can get the most “food” into Raven’s Haven! (the most points!)