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Children will enjoy re-telling the story of Queen Esther using stone figures they have made. Don’t the “noses” make them look real?

  1. Wash and dry the stones.
  2. Glue on small stones for the noses. Paint the faces in the skin colour of your choice.
  3. Glue on curly yarn beards and hair for King Xerxes and Mordecai. Follow photo directions below for instructions on how to make the curly yarn. You need only make a very small knitted swatch for these stone figures. You can also use plain yarn, of course!
  4. For Haman: paint the top part of his head to indicate headgear. Glue a piece of painted cord around the headgear according to the photograph.
  5. For Esther: glue strands of yarn to the head. Her collar is made from a length of checked ribbon which has been gathered (make a running stitch with a doubled thread along one edge of the ribbon). Knot the ends of the gathered thread tightly. Glue the collar to the neck. Her mouth is made from a 1/8″ hole puncher.

If you know anyone who knits (at the most basic level!) they can make this swatch in about 10 minutes! And–it makes lots of wonderful curly hair. Slather the head with glue and squish on the curls! You will love the results!